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Position: Site Owner/Webmiss
Staffer Since: Day 1! (Jan. 2006)
Real Name: Courtney
Location: Virginia, USA
Occupation: Preschool Teacher
Age: 24
Fav Ship: Romione of course! I am also a Harry/Ginny fan ( I also really enjoy reading Draco/Hermione fanfics...but shh!! It's a secret lol!! ) Also a HUGE Lily/Severus fan!
Fav HP Book: Deathly Hallows
Fav HP Movie: Half Blood Prince
Fav Character: Ronald Billius Weasley, but I also love Hermione, Ginny, Snape, Lupin, and Draco.
Other Fandoms I Enjoy: Doctor Who, Torchwood, How I Met Your Mother, BBC's Sherlock, Lost, True Blood, Lord of the Rings, Flash Forward, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Castle, Roswell, The O. C., The Mortal Instruments, Legend of the Seeker, and Twilight (books only).
Hobbies: I enjoy writting fan-fiction, making fan-videos, graphic design, and somehow I find time to do this website stuff too.
Misc Info: I am married to the greatest man alive, Del. We have an amazing son born Sept 1st 2010, named Seth who is my world!I am a very family oriented person and enjoy being around my family and also love being around children. I love to read and believe that nothing in this world is stronger than the imagination. Movies will never be books, and beauty is only skin deep. I love music and I frequently sing in my car, much to the dismay of the cars surrounding me, I'm sure! :: D

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Position: Co-Web
Staffer Since: Sept. 2009
Real Name: Mhaey
Location: Philippines
Occupation: Multimedia Specialist/Freelance Writer
Age: 23
Fav Ship: Ron and Hermione (I have nothing against Ginny, but er...
I sort of ship Harry and Luna, secretly.)
Fav HP Book: Deathly Hallows
Fav HP Movie: Sorcerer's Stone
Fav Character: Luna Lovegood and Ron and Hermione (Ron and Hermione
are like one person to me.)
Other Fandoms Mhaey Enjoys: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, and Glee (which
is very recent).
Hobbies: Reading, writing, photography, spinning counterclockwise...
Misc Info: Mhaey is a weird, super nerdy Potterholic,
Who can't live without books which seems a bit chronic.
She looks a bit dreamy,
And sometimes feels a lot dreary,
But she smiles and laughs a lot like a funny philharmonic!
(I can't really say anything else so I just wrote a limerick.)

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Position: Graphic Designer/ Manager of LU's Deviant Art
Staffer Since: Dec. 2008
Real Name: Desiré (Desi)
Location: Argentina, South America
Occupation: Student
Age: 19
Fav Ship: Ron and Hermione, since ever and forever
Fav HP Book: Between Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, because it's when you realize that magic can't help to deal with your feelings and that you've got to have something else to vanquish your fears.
Fav HP Movie:
Fav Character: Dumbledore, Ron, and a bit of Luna.
Other Fandoms Desi Enjoys: Friends, The Simpsons, Gossip Girl, and a soap opera from my country;
Hobbies: I love reading, writing fanfiction, translating, movies, music, love, nature, collecting pictures, landscapes, Harry Potter, animals, food, clothes, parfumes, laughing with friends, a lots of things more.
Misc Info: I love making avatars and graphics, mainly R/Hr related, and writing as well as reading fanfiction, again mainly R/Hr related. I'm taking the career of Social Communication and a degree for English teacher just to keep on, but I'd love to study Translation some day; I've mostly learned English on my own and it has improved a lot since I joined to Veritaserum forums, and now I think in English sometimes and even dream in English (weirdo, yes). I'm used to get pretty good grades and I get dissapointed if I don't, but I don't commit suicide by sticking myself into a chair to study. I'm very glad about how things turned out for Ron and Hermione, but I would have loved a bit of fluffiness in the Epilogue, so I hope they're including some for the movie!

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Position: Graphic Designer
Staffer Since: Aug. 2009
Real Name: Sarah
Location: Alberta, Canada
Occupation: Soon-to-be photographer!
Age: 19
Fav Ship: Ron and Hermione of course!!
Fav HP Book: Goblet of Fire
Fav HP Movie: Half Blood Prince
Fav Character: Ginny Weasley
Other Fandoms Sarah Enjoys: None
Hobbies: Anything artsy (making cakes, taking pictures, painting, drawing, writing, graphics of course!)
Misc Info: I also work at Ron and Hermione Source!

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Position: Special Projects Manager

Staffer Since: Nov. 2009
Real Name: Natalie
Location: England
Occupation: Cinema Worker
Age: 21
Fav Ship: Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny
Fav HP Book: Deathly Hallows
Fav HP Movie: Half-Blood Prince
Fav Character: Ron Weasley
Other Fandoms Natalie Enjoys: None
Hobbies:Reading, Writing, Photography, Movies and Music.
Misc Info: A regular on R/Eal Love Podcast

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