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Rupert Grint on The Guardian/Rupert attends Rankin's Eyescapes with Tom Felton/First Official Deathly Hallows: Part II Epilogue Photos

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First of all, thank you guys for bearing with me these past few months. Courtney's been really patient with me and my muggle work, and I know I was not doing my wizard work AT ALL, but I shall try to be as active as I was before. I would also like to thank everyone for the continual support of the Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger Fan Page on Facebook: 42,753 likes and counting! *wizardhugs everyone* Now onto the news!

First up! We now have Rupert Grint's photos (by Pal Hansen) and interview from The Guardian back in June, where he talked about Ron Weasley. Some of the cast also talked about Rupert in the article:

rupert_grint-4515990.jpg rupert-grint-harry-potter-001.jpg rupertgrinttheguardian2011.jpg rupert_grint-4516089.jpg rupert_grint-4516077.jpg

His character, Ron, takes on an increasingly reactive role, always there in a scene but mostly to puff out his cheek , or shake his head, or raise an eyebrow. "There were a few times when it would get quite boring. And you'd want this or that film to just end." There's a scene in Order of the Phoenix when characters in the foreground talk about Ron's father being "mortally wounded". In the background Grint puffs out his cheeks, shakes his head, and raises an eyebrow. He wasn't at the top of his game that day.

Images of Grint, as well as those of co-stars Radcliffe and Emma Watson, are already plastered on nearby bus-stops in anticipation. "You can spot it from 50 feet away," he tells me in the Soho cellar bar, "someone recognising you. And then you watch it build. I do miss it, sometimes, the invisibility. Being able to get round Tesco. Not meet anyone who wants to take a picture with you. It's manageable but it's just, like, constant."

At least neither picture-taker calls him Ron. That happens, he says, quite a lot. "I answer to it. I turn around to it in the street."

I tell Grint is was a tour de force, beyond his years, etc. He laughs and parries. "I've also seen footage of Dan and Emma with another potential Ron. He was really good. I'd have picked him."

"Any slower and he'd be in reverse," his close friend James Phelps, who plays Grint's onscreen brother Fred in the films, tells me. "Nothing fazes him," says Matt Lewis, a fellow wizard called Neville in the franchise. "Rupert wears his fame lightly," Potter producer David Heyman explains, "and is very laid-back. It's not like I'd say he's warm, exactly. He's just a good, decent person. Not unctuous. Not obsequious."

And not a big one for confessions. "He isn't the type to call you up with a problem, no," says Phelps.

"There comes an awkward stage when you're growing up," he says now, "when you're just really aware of yourself, and quite self-conscious. And I did kind of pull back a little bit." Radcliffe responded to the attention by becoming talkative, a deliberate charmer. "Dan over time became more confident, the quick-witted one," says Heyman. "Rupert would never show off in any way."

You can read the full feature here.

Also, Rupert recently attended artist Rankin’s Eyescapes Los Angeles exhibit opening party, together with Tom Felton, who tweeted about their pizza adventure:


another great night with the gang in la! rupert ordered a pizza with truffles and so we all got fits of giggles bcos it smelt so bad!

i offered him a bit of my pepperoni but he soldiered on & tried to eat it! never has my nose been subjected to such an aroma...night night x

In recent Deathly Hallows news, promotional photos of the epilogue from Deathly Hallows: Part II are now online, courtesy of LA Times. Daniel Radcliffe, David Yates, and David Heyman also discussed the decision to reshoot the epilogue:

harry-potter-epilogue2.jpg harry-potter-epilogue3.jpg harry-potter-epilogue.jpg harry-potter-epilogue1.jpg

“Potter” producer David Heyman was thinking of that when he told Radcliffe that there was no way that three “strangers” could deliver the final lines of the three main characters right before the final fade to black. “After all we have been through with these characters, the way that a generation has grown up with them, they need to be the ones on screen when it’s time to bring it to a close,” said Heyman, who was a key decision-maker back when Radcliffe and his costars were first cast in their roles back in 2000. “There’s an expectation even if it is not articulated that they need to be on the screen when it’s coming to an end.”

“The thing we didn’t want was for it to be distracting and I think we figured it out,” Radcliffe said. “We did it with prosthetics, in the end, and I’m sure there will be little bits of visual effects for retouching on those moments when we do a close-up… when you have the prosthetic on for a long time, it’s hard to maintain it, that illusion, and with close-ups you need to fix it up. It’s also a challenge to make someone who is 19 or 20 an age where their face is still changing and make them a fully grown adult. I think they looked fantastic though and, if I do say so, particularly mine. Mine looked pretty dead on. That’s me in the future I think.”

“Rupert looked like he was about 75 years old with the triple chin and the belly, he looked like he had really lived as a lush,” Heyman said. “We knew we needed to rework the makeup. There was another problem, too, shooting at the train station proved quite challenging for some of the younger kids who played the children of Harry, Ron and Hermione. It was really noisy every few minutes a train from Liverpool would pull in on one of the other tracks. We only had our one track closed.”

The makeup team for “Deathly Hallows” was led by Nick Dudman and, to Heyman, the second shot on the “age-up” work was a home run.

“It made all the difference in the world,” Heyman said. “We got what we were looking for. There was a challenge in the performance for the young actors. I know Emma talked about her approach was to think of her young siblings her father has remarried and she has a new family and how being with them was her way to get into the head of a parent going off to school. It wasn’t easy for them.”

“We should have thought to film it last in the first place,” Heyman said Wednesday. “It created a reality of sorts to the feelings in the scene and in the air. And I think now we’ve heard from the rest of the world that it worked. In the end, we used some shots from King’s Cross, too, to make a hybrid. There was a little bit of CG as well. The combination is subtle, which it needed to be.”

“It was something very strange and affecting,” Heyman said. “I was really pleased because I thought there was a real tenderness about the last scene, a feeling of closure and the cycles of life. There’s a new beginning and there’s an ending. There are different sorts of adventures for these actors and for all of us. But we made it to the train station together.”

Last but not the least, congratulations to everybody who made Deathly Hallows: Part II possible, for it's now the highest-grossing film of 2011 in international markets, bringing in a total of $1.038 billion as of August 3, 2011! Yes!

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